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Shenzhen Raycome Health Technology Co.,Ltd

Информация о компании:

Бренды : Raycome
Количество сотрудников : 100~500
Годовой объем продаж : 5000000-10000000
Год основания : 2008
Экспорт ПК : 60% - 70%
website:: www.raycome.com

Shenzhen Raycome Health Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which is professional in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing medical laser devices and healthcare products for professional clinic use and home use. Since established in 2008, Raycome is committed to the application and development of laser technology, home health examination equipment and blood pressure monitoring and management. 



We have a progressive R&D team to develop many practical and innovated medical and healthcare products based on laser technology.With our own different models production lines to serve our sales team and customers.



Further more, in 2012, the Pulsewave blood pressure monitor with compete intellectual property rights by Raycome was introduced to the market. It made the combination of user friendly, environment friendly and medical reliability come true. Pulsewave blood pressure monitor with national invention patent has been a new generation blood pressure management device marketable all over the world.



To supply customers with completely satisfied products and services, Raycome has complied with ISO9001 & ISO13485. Almost all of products have obtained CE ROHS and FDA approval.